What is The Main Cause of Crooked Teeth?

Crooked Teeth

Many patients long for that perfect straight smile. It seems everywhere you turn; you see people with beautiful smiles as a result of braces. If you have crooked teeth, you may feel isolated and your self confidence is lost. Not everyone is born with perfect teeth, and some people will need help in order to get that beautiful straight smile. The good thing is there are many orthodontic options to help correct crooked teeth, and get you the smile of your dreams. At Evan Baker DDS, our doctors have years of experience in orthodontics, and creating beautiful smiles is our passion.

What Are the Common Causes of Crooked Teeth?


Genetics is the main cause of crooked teeth in many patients. Unfortunately, we do not have control over how our teeth will develop. If a patient has a smaller mouth, their risk for overcrowding increases. Other causes can be related to jaw issues such as overbites or underbites.


Many children suck their thumbs or use a pacifier. This can actually do more harm than good, and the damage is typically noticed years later. These types of habits can lead to crooked teeth. If you thrust your tongue or breath through your mouth, this can also cause crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment is typically recommended to straighten teeth, and keep your teeth aligned.


If you suffered from an injury in the mouth or jaw this can cause crooked teeth. When teeth are loose or lost, this can cause your remaining teeth and jaw to shift, and cause your teeth to become crooked. Seeking help from an orthodontist is important to help repair your mouth, and get your teeth back in place.

Keeping Primary Teeth

Taking care of a child’s baby teeth is important. Primary teeth help the permanent teeth erupt into the right place. If a child loses their primary teeth too early due to decay or trauma, this can directly affect how their permanent teeth erupt. This can cause a child’s permanent teeth to come in crooked.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Orthodontic treatment can help patients with crooked teeth at any age. If you start early, you can get the best possible results. Today, there are many options for orthodontic treatment such as traditional braces or clear aligners. At Evan Baker DDS, we discuss all of the orthodontic options during our detailed consultation process. Depending on the severity of the correction and health of your teeth, we help our patients choose the option that best fits their lifestyle. Your oral health is our priority, and we love to help patients achieve the smile of their dreams.

Looking for a Dentist Near You?

If you are looking for a dentist near you that offers orthodontic treatment, Evan Baker DDS can help. Our doctors have years of experience in orthodontics, and we provide the highest level of service to all of our patients. Don’t live with crooked teeth, let our team help you get on the road to a beautiful smile. Correcting your smile can boost confidence, and allow you to feel great around others.

To schedule your orthodontic consultation with us, contact Evan Baker DDS, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Enhancing The Smile By Straightening Crooked Teeth

Enhancing the Smile by Straightening Crooked Teeth

Your smile is the most invaluable asset you own. It can brighten up any one’s day and even put you in a good mood. However, many people hesitate to smile wide and it is clearly visible when we see them using their hands to cover their mouths while they laugh. It is a straightforward indication that they want to hide their teeth.

The majority of the people are victims of dental imperfections and it can lower their confidence levels and crush their self-esteem. A common dental imperfection that most of the people have to live with crooked teeth. Are you one of those dealing with crooked teeth? Well, you do not have to worry anymore or feel embarrassed because you can actually enjoy the privilege of a beautiful smile by getting their teeth realigned. There are several cosmetic surgeries and treatments that you can choose to get rid of your crooked teeth. Before you make your decision, it is best that you consult your dentist and let them recommend a procedure.


The most commonly chosen method to realign crooked teeth is by using metal braces. The metal braces usually have three parts, including brackets, bands, and a flexible wire. Braces are great for aligning teeth with complex alignment issues. You can find a wide variety of metal braces and even choose your favorite color. The cost of these may range from $3000 to $7000. Another form of braces is the ceramic ones. These braces are for people who do not wish to make their braces stand out and catch anyone’s attention. In comparison to metal braces, ceramic braces can easily break.

If you are in your teens, you may want to go with invisible braces. These braces are not tooth-colored; instead, they are close to inviable. The invisible braces fit on teeth like a mouthguard. However, these braces are not a smart option for people struggling with complex dental misalignment. Moreover, in comparison to other braces, these take longer to align the teeth. The second form of invisible braces is the lingual braces. Dentists attach these braces at the backside of your teeth.

Surgical Treatment

Braces are a long-term solution to align misaligned teeth. For anyone who does not want to wear braces for a long time can opt for surgical teeth-straightening. The surgery involves repositioning of gums and bones. These are all the possible ways you can get rid of your crooked teeth and wear that beautiful, breathtaking smile that can make anyone’s day brighter.