Pediatric & Family Dentistry

Pediatric & Family Dentistry

Preventative care for long term oral health

Pediatric & Family Dentistry Serving Families across the ontario area

Dr. Evan Baker is passionate about providing superior-quality dental care for the entire family. Due to his laid back attitude and gentle demeanor, kids enjoy going to the dentist and being provided the care that they require. Our office provides full-service options for the entire family. For kids, we recommend having your baby seen as soon as their first teeth begin to show. It’s important to have their teeth checked twice yearly for signs of growth issues and decay. For infants and toddlers, an exam and basic cleaning are done bi-annually. It may be recommended to parents to have sealants put onto the child’s teeth in an effort to preserve them before they naturally fall out to make room for the permanent teeth. For older kids and teens, Dr. Evan Baker is able to provide comprehensive examinations and x-rays to determine the current state of the teeth as well as to look for signs of developmental problems.

Our office is proud to serve the local valley and we want you to feel like you can bring the entire family down for their bi-annual exams and cleanings. Because we provide a more relaxed and comfortable environment, you can feel good knowing that Dr. Baker isn’t just a dentist for adults, but will also act as your child’s pediatric dentist as well. Along with providing complete preventative care and maintenance on your child’s teeth, we will also help to teach them important brushing techniques so that they can keep their smile in great shape. We can provide recommendations to parents as well on both how to get their kids to brush their teeth but also the best tools and products to use for infants, kids and teens.

Not only does having one dentist for the whole family save you a trip to multiple offices, but it also encourages you all to keep up with your twice yearly appointments. Dr. Baker is passionate about eliminating the fear of the dental office in every one of his patients, no matter how old they happen to be and encourages locals to establish themselves as patients to begin their quality dental care.